Frequently asked questions

1SNOW ZABAWA - For whom attractions are?
For anyone who likes to laugh and have fun! :) Our winter attractions are a perfect idea for children, teenagers, and adults! We invite the whole family and friends - it will be fun!
2When is it open?
From the moment when there is enough snow - Snow Zabawa is open all winter.
3How to get to Snow Zabawa?
We are on Gubalowka at the upper ski station of the ski resort - Polana Szymaszkowa. We organize snow games on a large clearing (3 hectares). Driving from Zakopane, we head towards Koscielisko and connect to the Salamandra road, then ride up to the top of Gubalowka Mountain, turn right, and after about 200 m you can see us. We located next to the parking lots. You can also reach us on foot if you take the cable car to Gubałówka from the center of Zakopane.
4What are the prices for a child and an adult?
Winter attractions at Snow Zabawa are full of emotions and experiences, no matter if you are a child or an adult. That is why the price fixed. An adult pays as much as a child for each attraction. Current Price List.
5How should I dress?
Warm and comfortable - just like on skis or sleds. If you have goggles, it's worth taking them with you. If not, we always have it at your disposal.
6Is pre-booking required for groups?
Yes, you must make a prior reservation for the group so that we can adequately prepare the amount of equipment and the number of instructors.
7Is this attraction safe for children?
Yes, we have been organizing Snow Zabawa for over 13 years, and it has always been safe. Just hold on tight and have fun! :)