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Snow Zabawa is a beautiful place for winter attractions in Zakopane - attractions for children, teenagers, and adults. Whole families can play with us - for the best fun is when we have a big group. Snown Zabawa, it is a lot of devices (mostly inflatables) that our guides are pulling with a snowmobile, it gives emotions and fun like to this type of attraction on the water. A large dose of adrenaline, joy, and integration. Snow Zabawa takes place on a clearing with a beautiful view of the entire Tatra Mountains - a new safe, and mega panoramic site. We invite you to our office in Gubalowka. You can choose one of the winter attractions, and then have fun with us at our scenic clearing in Zakopane.

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PRICE LIST100 PLN / person
(Discount only ONLINE!)
sleigh ride - sled pulled by a snowmobile
winter banana - who stay the longest?
snow rafting - a rafting boat pulled by a snowmobile
snow tubing - an inflatable wheel pulled by a snowmobile



Snow Zabawa MAXI

Snow Zabawa MAXI is a lot of fun and fun at Gubalowka. Many pleasant moments filled with laughter while riding our inflatables. Attractions that are part of the Snow Zabawa MAXI package:

  • SLEIGH RIDE - sled pulled by a snowmobile on Gubalowka mountain - fun guaranteed.
  • WINTER BANANA - Winter banana wild ride - who will last the longest?
  • SNOW RAFTING - a rare combination of a rafting boat and a snowmobile - we going to flow on snowdrifts.
  • SNOW TUBING - it is an inflatable wheel pulled by a snowmobile driven by our instructor - great fun, a lot of adrenaline and joy.

Price: 100 PLN / person
(Discount only ONLINE!)

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